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Carpenters offering quality metal works

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Our subsidiary, Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction is specialized in the manufacture, cutting, pressing, welding, as well as painting of metal frames.

Whether in framing, reported structures and elevations but also in all visible works such as stairs, grids, railings, which often give the architectural signature of a building, metal is omnipresent in the construction and Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction is at your disposal to meet your needs

The lightness of the material makes it possible to build in elevation without the need to reinforce the existing foundations (a steel structure is 5 to 6 times lighter than its concrete equivalent).

Metal profiles, manufactured in the workshop, can sneak up to the construction site or be transported with a simple crane, requiring low site resources.

Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction: the choice of carpenters specialized in metal works

We specialize in the manufacture, cutting, pressing, welding and painting of metal frames.

Our workshop is equipped with automatic machines, in particular to make assemblies. We have also adopted CNC technologies for flow and bending operations, and laser cutting for complex shapes.

Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction masters 3D drawings as well as the BIM method. BIM makes it possible to gain in precision and to adapt very early to the needs of the project.

By building a metal frame, we can work on an infinity of shapes and finishes. In addition, we can adapt the structure to theĀ coverĀ of your choice.

Enjoy our products! We ensure their installation in Lille, Lens, Amiens, etc.