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What is the main interest of going through Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction?

Selected craftsmen (principle of very rigorous selection, constitution of an insurance file, customer references, financial analysis …) in order to be able to offer reliable craftsmen and carrying out a neat and quality work.

Support solutions: Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction knows how to meet all needs whatever the project, from the simplest to the most complex.

Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction can therefore offer you support during the construction site, until reception in order to guide you, advise you (this is project management assistance) or a turnkey solution, with the presence of a project manager for the design and monitoring of site for complex projects.

What is your support solution during the construction site?

Your work requires several trades? And you can’t imagine taking care of the coordination, the planning, the site meetings?

So, project management assistance is the solution you need. We are at your side until the reception of the site and we take care for you:

  • the retrieval and delivery of administrative documents,
  • the search for grants or funding,
  • also, conciliation in case of difficulty with a company,
  • site situations and reports,
  • of the reception of the works with you.

How is Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction remunerated?

For the brokerage or competitive tendering of companies, Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction charges the consultation fees to its clients and fees (percentage of the amount of the estimates). Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction assists you in your business consultation.

For project management assistance and project management, Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction offers you a service contract. The fees correspond to a percentage of the amount of the accepted quotes. In this context, you will be assisted in your business consultation, in the follow-up of your site and in your administrative procedures. As part of the project management, Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction also accompanies you for the design of your project.

Is Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction committed to the speed of the work?

Thanks to our rigorous selection and the commitments of our craftsmen in the partnership contract, Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction knows its partners and their availability perfectly. You can therefore get your quotes and work in a short time.

How do you guarantee fair prices?

We can offer you several quotes, which allows a comparison. The competition of craftsmen makes it possible to ensure you competitive prices.

How are companies selected?

Each company is subject to a very rigorous selection prior to its approval. We are putting together a very important file, including:

  • an in-depth description of its structure (staff, qualifications, experience,…),
  • the supervision of insurance validities,
  • the maintenance of its registration,
  • supervision of the company’s solvency…

More than 20 checkpoints are observed. In order to be able to serenely recommend quality craftsmen.

How can you be sure that your customer reviews are real?

The collection, moderation and restitution of consumer reviews processed by Verified Reviews comply with the NF Z74-501 standard and the NF522 certification rules. This AFNOR certification shows that Verified Reviews is committed to reassuring Internet users about the authenticity of online reviews.

On the other hand, before any signature of quote, you are presented with the opinions of customers who have already worked with us and the local craftsman of your sector. The best justification is your satisfaction!

What is the difference between Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction and the sites requesting quotes on the internet?

We are not just a site!

We exist locally: a dedicated contact person in our local agency will take charge of your work project, and we have a real knowledge of our craftsmen who are locally established and recognized.

Finally, we are also able to commit ourselves and bring you proof of what we promise you: selection, protected deposits, customer reviews…

Can I entrust any work project to Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction?

That is one of our strengths. You need to do a façade renovation, you want to develop your garage, you dream of a terrace and a landscaped garden…? You can entrust everything to us. Nairi Sar Gsyan Architecture & Construction will find you one or more craftsmen capable of carrying out your work.