Why are Cold Rooms Important For Vaccines?

What is a Cold Chain for Vaccines?

A cold chain is a process of maintaining the immunity of a vaccine from its production to its administration, keeping it at an ideal temperature (between 35.6° to 46.6°F) at all times.

In order to maintain these temperatures in a stable and safe way, they can be stored in cold storage facilities or Freezers.

The cold chain must maintain the required temperature from the production of the vaccine to the immunization of the patient. The following diagram shows the stages envisaged in the cold chain and the general recommendations for temperature maintenance given by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • National Airport: Storage facility for products in transit (35.6° to 46.6°F)
  • Primary storage of vaccines: Cold room (35.6° to 46.6°) and freezer room (5° to -13°F)
  • Intermediate storage of vaccines:Cold room (35.6° to 46.6°F) and freezer room (5° to -13°F)
  • Intermediate storage of vaccines:Refrigerators (35.6° to 46.6°F) and freezers (5° to -13°F)
  • Health Center: Refrigerators (35.6° to 46.6°F) and in cold packs
  • Health Post: Refrigerators (35.6° to 46.6°F) and in cold packs or transport of vaccines
  • Patient

How To Clean A Cold Storage Room

We must not forget the importance of cleaning a cold room, for this, we are going to propose some keys for its optimal maintenance through effective solutions.

  • It is important to establish a periodicity to clean the chamber, through mandatory deadlines. We recommend using a table that indicates who, when and what tasks have been carried out, as well as the possible incidents detected. It is also important to have the Maintenance Service phone number to hand to expedite any problems detected.
  • Remove frost and retained water. The appearance of frost is an indication that something is not working properly, in addition to improperly increasing energy expenditure. We recommend consulting the equipment manual and checking if there is a default defrost system.
  • Chamber cleaning. When we proceed to clean it, it is important to choose products that are suitable for the stored merchandise. Merchandise can be moved without breaking the cold chain.

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